.. the key to success in poker is in your hands.

Knowing the best start hand in Texas Hold’em can give you a number of advantages. You will know what your game strategy will be if you know you have a bad start. Knowing the worst starting hands can help you in improving your game and keep your cash. Once you got these hands, fold em and keep your hands clean!


This pair, 7-2 off suit, is the worst hand you can have. These are the lowest 2 cards in a game and you cannot make a straight with it. Even if this duo is coupled with suited cards, you will end up with a low flush and can give you a very low hand. This dreaded starting hand is also referred to as ‘the hammer’.


This same starting hand is problematic because of the same reasons as ‘the hammer’ cards. You can’t make a straight with these cards and is a losing hand even if they are suited. Best advice- fold ‘em.

3-8 / 3-7

The 3 card in this hand makes it a better hand than 2-8 and 2-7. But still, it is still a losing hand because it doesn’t make a straight at any time.


This is pretty much a losing card because you need a miracle flop of 3, 4, 5 to get a straight. And someone with 6-7 will have a higher straight with a 3, 4, 5. If by any chance you get a flush with this hand, some other player will get an even higher flush. If the table has 4 players, this card will give you a losing streak 90% of the time.

2-9 / 4-9 / 3-9

These three hands await the 9 card to get a pair but remains a weak hand. This hand can be beaten by any player with pocket aces, kings, queens and 10s. If the board is filled with low cards, do not be fooled into thinking that you have a big chance of winning. There are no straight cards that can possibly be made out of these hands.


If you have this hand, do not think that you are Doyle Brunson who can actually win this card. This hand was made popular by Doyle Brunson who won two World Series Poker Bracelets with this hand. This is a losing hand and only legendary gamblers who spend years on the table will be able to win it.


This hand is also known as the Dolly Parton. It is a statistically losing hand. Its funny name can actually give you an idea that this hand is worth the laugh and not worth the play.

4-7 / 4-8 / 5-8 / 3-6

These sets of hands is most likely not to win. Even if they are with suited cards- you should definitely toss ‘em. If you see these two low cards on your hands, you should definitely fold.

Face card and a low card, unsuited

Most beginners thought that a paint in their hand can actually win the game. A face card and a low card, unsuited is a bunch of junks and can make you lose a lot of money in the long run even though you may win a few pots over the course of the game. This is the likes of Q-3, K-4, J-2 and similar cards.

Ace and a low card, unsuited

A lot of beginners make a mistake in to thinking that this hand can make them win the game. These cards may allow you to win a couple of times but it is not recommended that you jump on and trust this card if there’s a raise offered and you are playing with 4 players or more. There are players that can outkick you easily with this hand.

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