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.. the key to success in poker is in your hands.

This article is a continuation of Top Ten Poker Tips You Should Know About. If you haven’t read it yet, please do so now.

You do not always have to keep a hand until the end

Many poker players keep a hand until the end because they have thrown away money in the pot and they are thinking that they want to stick with their hand although it is pretty much obvious that their cards will not improve anytime soon. Do not stay in a hand just because you played it for a few turns. If you foresee that your hand has low possibility of winning – fold right away.

Don’t stick until the end of the game to “Keep Someone Honest”

This advice is pretty much the same as the tip above. There are lots of player who look at an opponent’s final bet and play till the end even though he knows that he has a losing hand just for the sake of “keeping someone honest” he plays till the end. Such diplomacy will not do you any good on the poker table.

If you are in a bad mood, better not play

You will not play in your best condition if you are mad or sad. Do not play poker to vent out pent up emotions. If you do, you are most likely to bet it all and lose money in the long run. Playing poker on a bad day can aggravate you especially if you lose and you want to bet some more without thinking rationally. Your opponents can also use your bad mood to their advantage and take you down.

Pay attention to what’s going on at the table

It is given that you should pay attention to your cards. But after you got that all covered, you need to pay attention on what’s going on at the table. You should be able to figure out what possible hands will fit the flop. Take note of straight and flush possibilities. You should also keep an eye of what the players folded, especially if you are to make a call.

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