.. the key to success in poker is in your hands.

Bluffing is what makes poker a fun and challenging game. In a game of poker, a player does not really know the other player’s cards for an absolute fact. The simple idea that the player with the best hand on the table gets to win- the game of poker is really a no-brainer game. But what makes this game a very challenging one is the fact that players bluff and pretend they have a good hand when in fact they don’t. So you can really never tell which one of the players has the winning hand.

What is a bluff?

A bluff is when a player puts a bet or raises, even if he has a weak hand. This is the key element of any poker game and what makes it a fun game to begin with. Poker is all about piecing up incomplete information and to get players to believe that you have a good hand even though you do not have it. To be able to win a poker game, you should know when to bluff to cash in lots of money.

It is relatively easy to win a poker game if you dealt aces in every hand- which is far from being possible. In order to win your game, you should be able to win your cards even if they are not the bests of hand. On the other end of the scale, if you bluff way too much at the wrong time- you’ll end up losing too. Knowing when to bluff can be the key to winning a game.

Types of bluff

There are basically two types of bluffs. Pure bluff refers to a player who bets and raises with a bad hand. The hand has little chance of winning. You can do these with a 5-card draw or if you have a king-high card, raise, and hope that the rest of players will fold.

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