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.. the key to success in poker is in your hands.

To have a better chance of winning in a game of poker, you should be able to know which starting hands are best played into what positions. To give you a quick guide on that, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Early Position:

You can play high pairs of starting hands of Ace-Ace, Queen-Queen, King-King, and Jack-Jack. You can also play high suited cards such as Ace-King, Ace-Jack, Ace-Queen, King-Queen, Queen-Jack, King-Jack and Jack-10. High unsuited cards can also give you a good play such as King-Queen, Ace-Queen and Ace-King.

Middle position:

In the middle positions, you can play high suited cards such as Ace-10, Queen-10, and King-10. You can also work with high unsuited cards such as Ace-10, Ace-Jack, King-Jack, and similar cards. Paired cards 10-10, 8-8, and 9-9 are the best middle pairs.

Late position:

In late position, you can use suited connectors such as 7-8. 9-10, and similar cards. You can also use small pairs such as 2s and you can use Ace-littles A-6 and A-8.

There is no such thing as an absolute guide to winning a poker game. This guide tells you that you can play ace-little in late position but it doesn’t mean that you need to do that every sing time even if it doesn’t make sense. If there is a large raise in front of you, you should not play any of the hands mentioned here in the middle or late position. They should definitely be discarded when there are 2 raises on the table.

The rationale behind why certain hands are played in the later position is that, at this point late in the game, you may already have some information about other player’s hand and what they are about to do. If most players are just folding or calling, then there is a good chance that at least one of the 2nd best hands mentioned above can actually be the best hand of the game.

This rough guide is best used in conjunction with other poker techniques that you may know of. Most importantly, you should know what ‘poker tells’ are. Observe how other players react. Pay attention to their playing styles so you will be able to know what possible hands you are competing up against. Using this quick guide of what to hold and what to fold during a game can help you increase you chances of winning somehow.

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