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.. the key to success in poker is in your hands.

Reading your opponent is one of the skills that you should hone while on the poker table. This is one of those skills that can make you take home loads of cash. If you have heard of the term “poker tells”, that is exactly what you need to get familiar with.

In every player, there is a specific physical reaction, mannerism or a habit that can actually “tell” and give away information about their hands. Learning popular ‘poker tells’ will help you create a game strategy that can make you take home the money. If you learn poker tells accurately, you can make a bunch of right moves and use their “tells” against them. Understanding ‘tells’ will make you realize that you should guard your body language too.

Every player has their own unique tells and habits. This is why it is important to be keen in observing your opponent’s behaviour so you can pick up what their “tells” are. There are popular common tells that most players don’t realize they do. As a general guideline, look out for body language that a player is showing signs of confidence which means that they may have a very weak hand. On the other hand, if a player acts weak, that may mean they have a very good hand.

Poker Tells: Good Hand
  • Shows disinterest Most players will act uninterested while going through a strong hand. Showing disinterest in a hand is one sign that they have a strong hand. Most players pretend that they are not thrilled about getting a good starting hand even when they do.
  • Hands shakingAs a player puts his bet on the table, observe his hands. If they are shaking, he probably has a very, very good hand.
  • Breathing rapidly There are certain things that a player can control to hide excitement. But one thing that they cannot control is when their heart begins to race if they have their hands on very good cards. Look for signs of rapid breathing and the visibility of their chest rising and falling which can be indications that they have a good hand.
  • Sighing and Shrugging A player who sighs and shrug most probably have a good hand. He is hiding a good hand by overacting and faking frustration.
  • Looking at Chips and Hole Cards When a player looks at pocket cards, he may look over at the chips he got left to know how high he can put on a bet. This usually says that he has a good hand.

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