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.. the key to success in poker is in your hands.

Know what the odds are

You should know the ins and outs of the game and know more about poker odds. Knowing about this stuff can help you take home tons of cash. Knowing what the odds are for getting a particular hand or knowing if your hands is winnable or not, is a good strategy in wining a poker game. There are online tools that you can use for poker odds calculation. Here are the best poker calculators we have so far:

This website caters to players of Hold ‘Em and Omaha. It provides a calculator so you can know how certain hands can stack up against one another. Pick the number of players then hand them cards. The tool will calculate the odds for you and will provide percentages. To add a turn and a flop, you can click on more cards and calculate again each of the cards’ chances of winning on each play.


You can find here Texas Hold’em odds calculator that can calculate the odds of hands against one another. You can calculate the odds of up to 5 hands. You can calculate the odds after and before the flow and after the river and the turn.

All though this calculator does not display great graphics and images, it pretty much works the same as the above tools and even provides a wider range of poker games you can use it for. You can use this to calculate odds for Omaha, Hold ‘Em, deuce to seven lowball and other sever-card stud games. Type in the board cards and all the hands (including dead cards), and the odds will be calculated for you.

Poker Stove

If you are a Windows user, you can download this application for free. It can calculate odds against a full range of hands in a Hold ‘Em game. This is something that advanced players can use who can beat an opponent with a few possible hands. With this tool, a player will know the value of their hole cards and if it is worth anything against that range of cards. Given the fact that you will never know what your opponent’s cards are, this is a good tool in knowing the accuracy of your read of your opponent’s hands.

What is an ‘out’ in poker terms?

An out is a term referred to the number of cards that you can add to a hand to be able to improve it and create a stronger hand. Take for example, in a Hold ‘Em game, if you happen to have the kings of clubs and the ace in the hole and the flop offered 10 of clubs, Jack of diamonds and 8 of clubs, these can give you a lot of ‘outs’. The 9 clubs can give you a nut flush. Given two queens, you will have a straight, 10 to Ace. You actually have 11 outs at the least.

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