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.. the key to success in poker is in your hands.

Knowing the best and the worst starting hands in a game of Texas Hold Em is your first step on winning any game. Knowing your starting hands can allow you to know your poker positions and play change accordingly.

Ace Ace

If you got this hand, you are on the way to winning. This is the best hand in Texas Hold Em. This hand is also referred to as pocket rockets, bullets and American Airlines.

King King

This is the second best hand that you can have. This hand is amazingly strong and can ensure you a large possibility of winning. Two kings is also referred to as the ‘cowboys’ and can only be beaten by aces.

Queen Queen

This is another good hand. The two queens is also referred to as the ‘ladies’. With these cards, you got the upper hand on jacks and lower cards.

Ace King

This is one of those tricky hands that can be really be a strong hand. You just need the flop to work with you and give you either a pair of kings or aces. Suited cards with Ace King are stronger than unsuited. With suited Ace King cards, you can make the nut flush with least effort.

Jack Jack

You will win around 20% of the time when you have a pair of jacks, ten handed. This hand can give you a little problem when the flop shows an ace, king or queen. But other than these cards, you can relax on your seat with this hand.

Ace Queen

This is the 2nd best drawing that you can have. When Ace Queen is suited, you have 20% possibility to win just like the Jack-Jack hand.

King Queen

When this duo is suited, it is a very strong drawing hand. This is a pretty good hand but will bow down on an Ace on the board.

Ace Jack

This another good hand. When suited, it even works stronger. Unsuited cards are still winnable if you play them well.

King Jack

This is a pretty good hand and can give you a fine play in later positions. Although this hand is playable, it can easily be beaten by the hands mentioned above. It is recommended to fold this pair to big raises. If suited, it has a 19% possibility of winning but it can be pretty weak when unsuited, with only 15% chance of winning the round.

Ace Ten

The Ace Ten can make you a winner. Since you got the ace card, you just need to wait for the Jack, Queen and King cards to fall on board and you get a winning straight. Be careful of playing this pair too strongly, else you can end up with a pair of aces and lose.

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