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.. the key to success in poker is in your hands.

This simple guide will teach you how to play the high-hand version of the classic game, Seven-Card Stud. The great thing about this game is that you are offered seven cards to form a five-card hand with at the end, maximising your freedom to choose whichever card you want!

To start with, all players simply put in an ante. Starting with the dealer’s left, each player is dealt two cards face-down (to form the player’s ‘pocket’) and just one playing card face-up. All players privately look at their own pocket cards. The player with the lowest face-up card is forced to put in a ‘bring-in’, a very small bet. Betting then continues to the left of the bring-in player. As with Texas Hold ‘em, each player can either raise, fold or call their cards.

Once betting is finished, one more card is dealt to each and every player face-up. Betting then recommences, starting with the player showing the highest valued face-up cards. A fifth card is dealt face-up, betting recommences, a sixth card is dealt face-up, betting recommences, and finally, a seventh card is dealt face-down to all players still remaining. Betting occurs again. All remaining players then lay down all their cards face-up for inspection by the others. The player whose seven cards can produce the highest-ranking hand of five cards wins the game.

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