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This article is a continuation of Poker Betting Basics: Rules and Terms of Betting in Poker. If you haven’t read it yet, please do so now.

There’s no hard and fast rule on setting up betting systems in poker games. There are four possible systems available – depending on your game setting (home or casino), you might encounter any one of these.

The most common betting system for home-based games is the ‘spread limit’ game. In this betting system, players can bet an amount of their choosing within a set range, let’s say $10-$15. This means that the bet minimum is $10, and the most that may be bet or raised at once is $15. Another rule in this betting system is that if somebody else raises, you can only raise an amount equal or greater than that amount. For instance, if the player on your left raises $13, you wouldn’t be able to raise $11 – you have no choice but to raise $13 or more if you would like to raise at all.

A popular casino betting system is the fixed limit game. In this variety of poker, the betting and raise amount is fixed for each round. This might vary between rounds, but as an example, a ‘$5-$7’ fixed limit game would involve each player only being able to raise or bet $5 for the first couple of rounds, with a fixed $7 for the last few rounds, keeping all the betting simple.

A betting system open to manipulation is pot limit. In these types of games, the maximum betting or raising amount is the amount currently in the pot. Although this might seem simple at first, this betting system can get confusing quite quickly, as if all players bet the maximum amount each round, the pot can get full easily.

If you’ve ever watched Texas Hold ‘em poker on TV, you’ve most likely seen a no limit game in action. This system is nice and simple – at any one time during your turn, you can just push in every single chip at your disposal to make a bet. There’s no limit on how much you can bet this way, assuming that the chips you are trying to bet are actually yours and not someone else’s!

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