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Poker Hand Rankings: Which Hand Beats Yours?

The winner in Texas hold’em is the player with the best hand. There are 2,598,960 different hands (set of 5 cards) possible when using the standard 52 deck of cards. Hands are ranked in according to the mathematical probability of the combination happening. The ranking of hands from highest to lowest is:

  1. AhKhQhJhThRoyal flush
    All cards must be of the same suit, values must be ace to ten;
  2. KsQsJsTs9sStraight flush
    Having 5 cards in running order and all cards must be of the same suit;
  3. AdAhAsAcKhFour of a kind
    Having 4 cards of the same value, eg Ax-Ax-Ax-Ax-Xx;
  4. AcAhAdKhKsFull house
    Three cards of one value plus a pair of another value, eg Ax-A-x-Ax-6x-6x;
  5. AcKcQcTc9cFlush
    Having 5 cards of the same suit in any order;
  6. AhKdQsJhTcStraight
    Having 5 cards in running order and different suits;
  7. AhAcAdKsQdThree of a kind
    Having three cards of the same value and any two others. eg Ax-Ax-Ax-6x-4x. The highest value of the three of a kind is the higher rank;
  8. AhAdKsKhQcTwo pair
    Having two sets of cards, of two cards of equal value and any other card, eg Ax-Ax-Tx-Tx-Jx;
  9. AhAsKcQhTdPair
    Having two cards of equal value and any three cards of different value, eg Ax-Ax-Jx-Qx-6x;
  10. AhKdQcJs9hHigh card
    Having none of the above. The best high card would be Ax-Kx-Qx-Jx-9x.

Note: all suits are equal. Ah is just as strong as As.

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